About Us



Our clients’ needs are the core of our research initiatives and drive every decision we make. Our team is designed to cultivate strategic partnerships with our clients and help realize their research needs. Combining our academic know-how and marketing expertise we deliver visually appealing, actionable results.

Excellence in Tourism Research

Our work in this area dates to 1990 when we conducted a Visitor Profile and Economic Impact Study for Leon County Florida CVB whose Executive Director at the time was Chris Thompson, now CEO and President of BRAND USA. Chris, who remains a good friend and colleague, told us 30 years ago that tourism was a relationship industry. Since then, we have considered statistical competence and validity in our studies as necessary, but not sufficient, determinants of success. Knowing and servicing clients beyond their expectations is the extra, sufficient ingredient to success in this field.

To date we have performed tourism research with over 30 destinations and 75 tourism clients, culminating in over 1,000 tourism research studies. We have also participated in, and presented at, several Destinations Florida, Tourism & Travel Research Association, and Destination International conferences.

Customer service

We are available to our clients 24/7/365. Whatever the client needs, we maintain continuous communication with our clients.

Research methods

With three senior staff who have doctoral degrees, firms 10 times our size do not have the academic firepower that leads to our state-of-the-art research methodology and statistical analyses.

Data quality

Our Senior Partner has published and presented professional and academic treatises on questionnaire construction. He combines academic rigor with the practicality gained from writing over 1,200 questionnaires for corporate, government and tourism clients. We have developed the most extensive tourism data collection team in Florida, and our proprietary Interviewer Training Manual helps ensure that our interviews are of the highest quality.

Strategic relevance

Knowing how research results can influence marketing strategy leads to better questionnaires and focus group scripts. We also are expert at developing marketing strategy for our clients based on research results. We function as strategic partners to our clients.

Industry involvement

The tourism industry is a vibrant and connected community, that we are proud to be a part of. With that in mind we strive to find ways to give back to the industry through innovative and creative research that can be used by everyone.