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Downs & St. Germain Research is a full-service research firm who has worked in tourism research since 1990. Since then, we have worked with over 30 destinations and 75 tourism clients, conducting over 1,000 travel and tourism studies on their behalf.

If you have a question, we can help get you the answer. Your research ambitions are unique and for that reason each study is custom curated to you. Below are some of our most widely requested studies, but our research capabilities are not limited to what is listed below. If you do not see what you are looking for, we are happy to develop a study solution for you.


Branding Study

Explore potential visitors’ perceptions of a brand, explore emotions and feeling associated with the brand, test advertising assets by evaluating existing advertisement assets and evaluating prototypes for new advertising assets.

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Brand Awareness Study

Assess brand awareness of a destination and to determine the best approach for attracting visitors.

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Community Relations Study

Explore and understand residents’ feelings about travel and travel-related impacts on their community, including their concerns, perceptions, and understandings with respect to tourism.

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Economic Impact Study

Total economic impact is a function of direct spending by visitors in a destination, as well as the
indirect and induced effects of this spending, such as increased business and household spending
generated by tourism dollars.

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Event Economic Impact Study

Total event economic impact is a function of direct spending by visitors, whose primary reason for visiting the area was for an event, as well as the indirect and induced effects of this spending, such as increased business and household spending generated by tourism dollars.

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Lifestyle Segmentation Study

Market segmentation determines which consumer market segments have the highest potential to visit the destination and who best to target. Coupled with the Unique Emotional Positioning Research, we also know which emotional buttons to push to attract visitors, i.e., which creative works best.

When we combine Lifestyle Segmentation research with Unique Emotional Positioning Research, we know the best creative to use, who best to target with the destination’s advertising dollars, and how best to reach them. In other words, from these two studies, we can inform the destination’s advertising agency how to optimize advertising dollars.

Meeting Planner Study

Explore meeting and event planners’ perceptions of a destination as a meeting/event destination. The overriding purpose is to drive more meetings to a destination.

Unique Emotional Positioning Study

Destinations are not that different from consumer brands. There are dozens of fine destinations. So, what is your destination’s unique emotional positioning vis-à-vis competing beach destinations? We have developed an approach for measuring unique emotional appeal for destinations. It involves focus groups and internet surveys. Once identified, the unique emotional positioning becomes the underpinning of all marketing activity. It is typically a feeling rather than an attribute.

See example.

Value of Tourism Study

Capture economic impact indicators including total economic impact, number of visitors, taxes paid by visitors, total taxable revenues of tourism businesses, visitor spending metrics, and key impact metrics to the destination (i.e., employment and wages supported by tourism, annual savings among households as a result of tourism, return on investment of marketing dollars spent, and total value added as a result of tourism).

Visitor Profile Study

The purpose of the Visitor Profile Study is to document visitor metrics including pre-visit behaviors, visitor profile makeup, destination experience, post-trip evaluation and future travel plans.

See example.

First Time Visitor Decision Making Study

Explore visitors’ vacation decision-making process and gain an understanding of how and why visitors choose to visit a destination for the first time. Develop a decision pathway visitors would follow as they research possible vacation destinations and the factors that most heavily influence their final decision.


  • 2nd Homeowners Study
  • Advertising Effectiveness Study
  • Brand Asset Testing Study
  • Brand Awareness Study
  • Consumer Sentiment Study
  • Conversion Study
  • Demand Analyses Study
  • Destination Awareness Study
  • Disaster Preparedness Study
  • Economic Impact Study
  • Emerging Markets Study
  • Enhancements/Improvement Desired by Visitors Study
  • Event Economic Impact Study
  • Events Visitors Research Study
  • Focus Group Study
  • Generational Study
  • Group Business Study
  • Industry Partner Study
  • Industry Barometer Analysis Study
  • Inquiry Conversion Study
  • International Surveys and Focus Groups
  • International Visitor Study
  • Lifestyle Segmentation Study
  • Market Niche Study
  • Market Opportunity Analysis Study
  • Market Penetration Analysis Study
  • Market Potential Analysis Study
  • Meeting Planner Study
  • Occupancy & ADR Study
  • Potential Visitor Study
  • Product Alignment Study
  • Resident/Membership Surveys Study
  • Residents’ Perceptions of The Value of Tourism Study
  • Return on Investment for DMO Study
  • Supply Analysis Study
  • Tourism Development Tax Use Study
  • Unique Emotional Positioning Study
  • Value of Tourism Study
  • Visitation Trend Analysis Study
  • Visitor Center Study
  • Visitor Guide Study
  • Visitor Journey Research Study
  • Visitor Profile Study
  • Visitor Satisfaction Study
  • Website Return on Investment Study

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