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A Full Service Market Research Firm

Downs & St. Germain Research is a full service market research firm specializing in focus groups and opinion surveys. Some of our most common types of research conducted by Downs & St. Germain Research are described below:

Tourism Studies

Tourism studies provide insight on the demographics and geography of visitors, activities while in the destination, trip planning behaviors, satisfaction with the destination, spending behaviors, the importance of vacation attributes, and the best approach for attracting new visitors.

Results of these studies have been used to increase visitation, visitor satisfaction, and marketing effectiveness.

Types of Studies:

Visitor Tracking, Lifestyle Segmentation, Economic Impact of Tourism, Potential Visitor, Logo Branding, Social Media, Group Business, Product Definition, Special Events, Member Opinion

Typical Data Collection:

Telephone, internet, and/or intercept survey.

Case Studies

Delta, VISIT FLORIDA, Visit South Walton, Visit Sarasota, Boeing, Visit Tallahassee, Ocala/Marion County VCB

Resident/Membership Surveys

Resident and membership surveys provide insight to the opinions and behaviors of residents and association members, quality of life ratings, ratings of services, communication preferences, and demographics. Results can be compared over time or to other municipalities/organizations.

Results of these studies have been used to develop policy, inform strategic planning, increase citizen satisfaction, and increase membership recruitment, retention, and revenue.

Typical Data Collection

Telephone/internet survey

Case Studies

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, City of Miami Beach, Florida Department of Health, The Institute for Food Technology

Disaster Preparedness Studies

Downs and St. Germain Research has completed over 30 studies in coastal states from Texas to Massachusetts to assess hurricane preparedness and to model evacuation behavior in partnership with Dr. Jay Baker. Downs and St. Germain Research has perfected a process to interview residents, by landline and mobile phone, and map their address into surge zones.

With the results of these studies of emergency management officials can better predict evacuation patterns based on the location and severity of individual storms.

Typical Data Collection

Telephone survey

Case Studies

FEMA/Florida Department of Community Affairs, University of Pennsylvania, Army Corps of Engineers

Branding Studies

Branding studies test consumer reactions to logos, taglines, headlines, ad lobs, and television, radio and print advertisements. Consumers give their gut level reactions to the brand stimuli to determine the best logo, tagline, advertisement, etc. in an effort to find the stimuli that is the most attention-getting and resonates with the audience.

Typical Data Collection

Focus groups or dyads/triads followed up by internet survey

Case Studies

Georgia Department of Transportation, Florida Prepaid College Plan, Visit South Walton